August Hermann Francke

August Hermann Francke (1663-1727) was the most important follower of Philipp Jakob Spener. Because of the significance of this correspondence and the number of letters directed to Spener, this volume offers a genuine epistolary exchange.

Large portions were published as early as the nineteenth century. Letters found later appeared in scattered publications. In this volume, all the known letters in this correspondence are now published, altogether 255 letters, including 140 letters from Spener and 115 from Francke. They were written in the period between 1689 and 1704.

The necessary recourse to the manuscripts revealed a series of transcription errors in older editions, which are documented in the text-critical apparatus. For the first time, an historical commentary on the letters is presented that makes it easier to understand the correspondence in its context.

The volume “Briefwechsel mit August Hermann Francke 1689-1704” was published in 2006.