Adam Rechenberg

The correspondence between Spener and his son-in-law Adam Rechenberg (Professor in the philosophical faculty of the University of Leipzig; from 1699 Professor of theology) comprises, in all, 1142 letters from the years 1686 to 1704. In its complexity and its density of information, this correspondence offers a significant resource for Spener’s life and activity, as well as for research into the Early Modern Period: The Spener – Rechenberg correspondence occurs, on the one hand, in great confidentiality, and, at the same time, has a political dimension, since both correspondents always act as representatives of their public offices.

A particular challenge in the reconstruction of the letters’ contents lies in their „telegraphic style“: Because Spener and Rechenberg shared experiences in terms of their networks and activities, themes and circumstances are frequently mentioned only in short form, and persons are in some cases not mentioned by name.

Spener’s correspondence with Adam Rechenberg, in so far as it is preserved, has come down to us as a bound bundle of original letters, and is written entirely in Latin. It represents the most extensive surviving correspondence of Spener and is scheduled to appear in a special series that – like Spener’s Correspondence with August Hermann Francke – presents the letters of both correspondence partners. This part of the Edition will likely comprise six volumes.


Briefe an Adam Rechenberg 1686-1704, Band 1: 1686-1689

In preparation

Briefwechsel mit Adam Rechenberg 1686-1704, Band 2: 1690-1691

Briefwechsel mit Adam Rechenberg 1686-1704, Band 3: 1691-1693


Briefwechsel mit Adam Rechenberg 1686-1704, Band 4: 1694-1695

Briefwechsel mit Adam Rechenberg 1686-1704, Band 5: 1696-1697

Briefwechsel mit Adam Rechenberg 1686-1704, Band 6: 1698-1704