Correspondence with Adam Rechenberg 1686-1704. Volume 1: 1686-1689

As the founder of the Lutheran pietistic movement, the letters of Philipp Jakob Spener, are a very important source for research of the early Modern Age not only in terms of church history, but also for cultural history and the history of ideas.
The correspondence between Spener (1635–1705) and Adam Rechenberg (1642–1721) forms the most extensive part of the preserved letters, which up to now were only available in their original form. The rich corpus gives deep insights into Spener’s life, thinking, work and networks that portray many areas of contemporary spiritual and societal life outside religious circles.
The first volume of the Spener-Rechenberg series contains 199 letters from the years 1686 to 1689, which, because of the fragmentary transmission during this period, were written almost exclusively by Spener himself. The letters document in detail Spener’s work as senior court chaplain in Dresden and record how he reacted to political, ecclesiastical, and theological events.

The volume is available now. 
Philipp Jakob Spener
Briefwechsel mit Adam Rechenberg 1686–1704
Vol. 1: 1686–1689
Ed. by Udo Sträter in additional work with Claudia Neumann
2019. XXXVIII, 736 Pages.
(Published in German)

Letters from the Frankfurt period 1666-1686. Volume 6: 1682-1683

The letters of Philipp Jakob Spener, the founder of Pietism, are sources of first-class importance for church and cultural history. They provide insight into the emergence and spread of the Pietistic movement and are also of unique information value for many areas of spiritual and social life outside the religious-ecclesiastical space.
The 202 letters Speners in the present volume come from the years 1682/83. For the history of Pietist piety, they show details of the now open-ended separation of some of Spener’s friends in Frankfurt and his reaction to the accusation that he had fueled this development. The political situation is particularly evident in Spener’s reports and comments on the growing influence of France on the left bank of the German Reich, including Alsace.

The band is available now.
Philipp Jakob Spener
Briefe aus der Frankfurter Zeit 1666–1686
Volume 6: 1682–1683
Ed. by Udo Sträter & Johannes Wallmann in coop. w. Claudia Drese & Klaus vom Orde
2019. XXXIII, 924 Pages.